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Buy Now First of its kind, with amazing stunt and acting in a single film, Dada Kondke’s ‘Mohan Antony’ is an awesome movie with comedy and action. Usha Chavan is very beautiful and talented with amazing dancing skills and dialogues in this movie. Mohan Antony and Harijan (Usha Chavan) are brothers. Mohan Antony is mentally retarded. They both live in an ashram under the protection of Usha Chavan’s father. Mohan Antony is in love with Usha Chavan and wants to marry her. But her father wants her to marry Mohan Antony’s master (Baburao Mandrekar). He wants to take revenge on Mohan Antony. One day, when Mohan Antony and his father were travelling in a train, they see a lady with a baby, Harijan’s mother. They then decide to adopt Harijan, whose mother is none other than Usha Chavan. Both Mohan Antony and Usha Chavan go to adopt Harijan. Mohan Antony is a very good friend to Harijan, who is unaware that he is her brother. Mohan Antony, thinking Harijan is his daughter, does all the household work. Usha Chavan, thinking Harijan is a servant girl, does all the household work. Usha Chavan is shocked when she sees Mohan Antony bathing Harijan. Mohan Antony and Harijan is now united. Usha Chavan’s father dies. Mohan Antony, who is mentally retarded, is now left in Usha Chavan’s care. Mohan Antony and Harijan lives happily in Usha Chavan’s house. Usha Chavan now looks after Mohan Antony and his sister Harijan. One day Mohan Antony finds his father’s old diary in Usha Chavan’s cupboard. This diary reveals the truth. Usha Chavan gives her father’s old diary to Mohan Antony and reveals the truth. Usha Chavan’s father was a very rich man. He had a huge mansion and lots of servants. Mohan Antony’s father, Mohan Bhatt, a poor man, tries to marry Usha Chavan. Mohan Bhatt tries to take revenge on U




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HD Online Player (Palva Palvi Marathi Movie Free Downl) seangwe

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