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What to Look For in a Hood Cleaning Company

Finding a professional hood cleaning company in your area is no small task. From reliability to completing a job-well-done, a lot goes into finding the perfect hood cleaner for your business.

Here are five things to look for when selecting a hood cleaning company for your restaurant:

1. Does the hood cleaning company provide other services?

Finding a company that provides services other than hood cleaning can often save you money by bundling two or more services. CQ Fire & Safety often suggests an equipment steam cleaning or storefront cleaning to not only bundle and save, but to increase the longevity of your equipment and to provide a welcoming entrance.

2. What's included in a hood cleaning?

Asking what's included in a hood cleaning is an important factor in determining your hood cleaner. Many companies who services restaurant hoods fail to clean the ducts, filters and fans, which are all part of the hood.

3. How is their customer service?

Customer service should play a large role. If anything were to go wrong, you want to make sure the company will help and stand by your side.

4. Do they provide exceptional cleaning service?

A great hood cleaning company will not only leave you with a clean, fire-hazard-free hood, but will pick up after themselves so you don’t have to.

5. Are they licensed and insured?

If a hood cleaning technician were to get hurt at your facility during the job, it shouldn’t be your responsibility to cover the damages.

At CQ Fire & Safety, we not only provide exceptional cleaning and customer service, but will provide all our licenses and insurance certificates upon request.

To schedule a phenomenal hood cleaning with a company that meets your requirements, click here to get in touch.

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