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How Often Should You Clean Your Kitchen Exhaust Hood?

No matter the frequency your restaurant’s kitchen is in use, keeping the exhaust hood clean is critical to the safety of both your employees and customers. Failure to keep your restaurant and hoods clean may lead to legal actions such as fines and even closure of a restaurant.

These legal limits are formally known as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and are in place to ensure your restaurant is safe by decreasing the risk of any fire hazards. As grease, oil, and sludge build on your hood’s surface, fans and ducts become clogged causing combustion.

So, the big question is: “how often should I clean my restaurant’s hoods?”

To prevent fires and explosions, CQ Fire & Safety recommends contacting professional hood cleaners as soon as you see buildup. The risk you take by neglecting your kitchen’s needs is far too high to ignore.

CQ Fire & Safety is dedicated to helping restaurants across Montana and Wyoming keep their restaurant NFPA 96 compliant and exceed your insurance company’s needs. Call 406-697-4783 or visit us online to schedule a free quote.

Click here to schedule your next hood cleaning appointment.

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