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Complete Move-In/ Move-Out Complex Cleaning Checklist

When a tenant moves out, a complete clean-out is imperative to making the next big sale (getting a new tenant to move in).

Whether you have tenants in an apartment complex, nursing home or business building, the following checklist will help your building look most appealing to your potential customers with a beautiful building, inside and out, top to bottom.


o Dust ceiling fixtures & ledges

o Wash windows & mirrors

o Clean door knobs and doors

o Clean all light switches and outlets

o Scrub/tough-up walls & baseboards

o Get the carpet professionally cleaned

o Get rid of all cobwebs

o Clean out all drawers


o Remove scum from bathroom tiles & tub/shower

o Scrub grout

o Clean the toilet, sink, counter-top

o Clean exhaust fan


o Clean out all cabinets and liners

o Wash the front of the cabinets

o Clean and disinfect all counter-tops

o Clean and shine up the sink and faucet

o Clean refrigerator inside and out

o Steam clean oven inside and out

o Clean out the dishwasher

o Clean exhaust fan

o Clean behind all appliances


o Power wash or clean concrete patio

o Clean any patio furniture if necessary

Transforming the cleaning business

We understand business owners have a lot of responsibilities, so we’ve formed an all-in-one cleaning service to meet each and every one of your cleaning needs. Therefore, you don’t need spend time contacting and juggling various businesses.

A cleaning unlike any other

We use top-notch technology and have a keen eye for detail to ensure the best and most thorough job.

Schedule your cleaning today by calling CQ Fire & Safety at 1-800-819-1019.

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