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6 Ways to Retain & Increase Customers at Your Restaurant

As you may know, great food doesn’t always get people in the door. As a restaurant owner or manager, it’s important to know all factors that go into getting people to walk through the door… and getting them to come back.

Whether you run a fast food or high-end restaurant, read the guide below to see what you should be doing to get more customers and retain existing customers.

Sign Up for Local Listings

Do you show up on the top directories? If not, create and claim your listing now!

Here are a few of the top directories where you should list your business:

  • Google

There’s no question about it, you should have a listing on the world’s largest search engine. When potential customers do a Google search for restaurants in the area, make sure you show up!

  • TripAdvisor

Don’t forget that people from out of town are looking elsewhere for restaurants in the area! TripAdvisor is a great place to find travelers.

  • Yelp

People love finding restaurant on Yelp! They like finding customers with good reviews most of all. Continue reading to find out ways to increase your chances in 5-star restaurant reviews.

A Clean and Welcoming Store Font

The store front is the customers first impression, make sure it’s a good one! Don’t let the gum and other buildup on the floors and walls turn them away. We often recommend a quarterly store front cleaning, though the number may increase with the amount of traffic you get.

Friendly Service

If a customer has a unpleasant experience (we get it, it happens), a friendly face can always turn a bad experience into a good one. Be sure to greet customers with a smile and be as helpful as possible.

Ask for Reviews

Enhance your local restaurant listings by asking your customers for reviews. Restaurants with reviews tend to show up higher on a search engine and catch the eyes of potential customers.

Email Marketing

Don’t let your customers forget about you! Stay top of mind with weekly or monthly emails so they remember to come back. Consider offering a discount or just let them know the latest news at your restaurant. Don’t have the time or the software? Look into a digital marketing agency to help manage your email campaigns.

Keep a Clean Restaurant

Customers want to enjoy a clean dining area without sticky tables and menus while eating at an overall clean restaurant. The commercial cleaners at CQ Fire & Safety provides steam cleaning, equipment cleaning (which improves the flavor of your food!) and more to help improve your customers experience.

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