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First Aid & Safety

Delivery and Restocking

At CQ Fire & Safety, we provide businesses with first aid delivery services to keep your workplace healthy and OSHA compliant.

Our customers are provided with custom plans that best fit their needs to ensure they're OSHA compliant to avoid any fees. Never run out of band aids, lozenges, or any other first aid products again - we'll be there to keep you fully stocked!

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First Aid Delivery Service

Commercial First Aid Products

Adhesive Bandages

Gauze pads and dressings, adhesive bandages, and an assortment of band aids.



Cough drops, cold relief, pain & fever relief, stomach discomfort & more!

Burn Treatment


Emergency burn kit, burn spray, hydrogel burn & wound pads, pain relieving gel.

Eye Products


Bacteriostatic additive, eye cups, eye wash, eye pads, & more!

Refillable Cabinets & Kits


First aid cabinets, kits, supplies, soft kits and more!



Fire blankets, ice packs, sting relief, aerosols & more!

Why Use Our First Aid Services?

OSHA requires all businesses to have stocked first aid kits readily available, no matter the industry.  Our services:

1. Are led by licensed, insured, and trained professionals.

2. Ensure you're stocked with the supplies necessary for your industry (high-risk industries have more requirements).

3. Make sure you're compliant with OSHA and insurance rules and regulations at all times.

4. Provide you with miscellaneous first aid supplies you feel necessary for your business.


How It Works

Cheerful Woman with Glasses

Dedicated Specialist

We pair our customers with a dedicated specialist will who will 1) conduct an assessment and 2) install your first aid cabinets.


Meet OSHA Regulations

We make sure your always fully stocked and meet OSHA requirements. Failure to meet requirements can result in fines.

Delivery Van

Reliable Services

Whether you're on a set schedule or call when your in need of a refill, we'll be there in a timely manner to ensure your business has the proper safety tools.

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