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Commercial Sanitation

Effective and efficient methods for sanitizing commercial buildings.

We're now providing UVC Lighting and Electrostatic spraying, effective ways to sanitize businesses — recommended by health and safety professionals.

This allows businesses to do their part to protect their valued customers and community.

Our process sanitizes most every part of the workplace, resulting in your employees and customers feeling safer in your work environment.

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UV Lighting & Electrostatic Spraying


UVC Lighting

• Ultraviolet disinfection system that sanitizes 99% of buildings.

• Ultraviolet (UV-C) lamps irradiated air and exposed surfaces with ultraviolet rays.

• It has been tested in hospital and laboratory environments in the United States, United Kingdom, and Sweden.

• The equipment changes color at various energy levels, which correlates with a log reduction of microbiology samples (e.g. MRSA and C. difficile).

Electrostatic Spraying

  • The touchless application reduces cross contamination

  • Eco-friendly

  • Provides 100% coverage and gets hard-to-reach areas

  • Chemicals are applied in a more efficient, controlled manner — resulting in less chemicals used and wasted product.

Here's what Southwest Airlines has to say about the electrostatic sprayer:

“The electrostatic application causes droplets of both the disinfection agent and antimicrobial cleaner to produce a fine mist that wraps around all surfaces and coats in a way that human hands simply can't touch. And according to the manufacturer, the combination of the electrostatic charge plus the cleaners we've chosen for the program create droplets that cling to every surface with a force that's 75 times stronger than the pull of the Earth's gravity!”


Ideal for most businesses

• Hospitals

• Doctor's Offices

• Businesses & Offices

• Theaters

• Restaurants

• Dog groomers

• School Class Rooms

• Morgues

• Locker Rooms

• Homeless Shelters

• ICUs

• Detention Centers

• Laboratories

• Burn Centers

• Medical Transport

• Kennels

• Hotels

• Most public buildings

Here's What Our Microbiologist Says:

microbiologist .jpg

"It’s going to take more than just your average cleaning to sanitize your office building. It’s important to get even the hard-to-reach areas and between every crevice of a building.


The technology CQ Fire & Safety uses is top-of-the-line and I firmly believe this is what it will take to move us in the right direction.”

Sophie Kowaliczko is our on-site Microbiologist Engineer who spent the last four years studying microbiology as an independent researcher.

Preparing for the Future


A Cultural Shift

Businesses need to prepare for the huge cultural shift, where customers are expecting (and demanding) to have their health be a priority of the businesses they interact with.


Avoiding a Shutdown

If businesses are prepared for the possibility of infectious diseases entering their establishments, we may be able to avoid economic shutdowns in the future.

Enjoying Salad

Keeping Customers Happy

Preparing for the spread of disease is the new normal, and businesses will need to adapt to this shift in order to keep their clients happy. 

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